Michael sure bailed out of there in a hurry. Maybe he left the oven on at home? He stuck around long enough to give Sabrina some news, a bit of publicity is in her future outside of wrestling. Seems maybe Brooke or Krystin would’ve liked that opportunity? After a rough start, it seems like Sabrina was able to smooth things over and keep girl power alive, at least for a little while longer. You think that was Gabrielle’s plan, to cause more ‘dramatic’ strife between the Upstart Girls?

They’re trying to talk some sense into Brooke who doesn’t really want to hear it, though deep down she knows that her roommates are right. Will that be enough for Brooke to make a change?

And next update, we find out just what Sun’s been doing.

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One Good Turn….
Over at the awesome webcomic Shadowgirls, it turns out that Becca’s a fan of a certain wrestling promotion.  Can you spot the Easter Egg? 😉