And we’ve returned to last chapter’s cliffhanger. A temporary reprieve for Michael but not for Brooke. Sabrina and Krystin try to talk some sense into her, but both have different reasons. You think they’ll make any progress with Brooke and her wicked ways?

We get to see a little bit more of what Commissioner Gabrielle’s plan for Sabrina and now it seems that Michael is involved. It still doesn’t seem like Gabrielle has Sabrina’s emotional interests at heart. We’ll see some more of that plan very shortly.

A Shadowgirls shout out makes it way into the update! If you haven’t checked the Shadowgirls webcomic out before, I highly recommend it. I was able to chat with D-Rod and Dave at Wizard World and they are really awesome guys with an awesome comic. Especially if you like pretty girls who kicks ass. Know anyone like that? XD

Next update: More on Gabrielle’s plan and will it wreck the new bond between Krystin, Brooke and Sabrina?