Busted!! The silence is deafening. But I’m wondering who’s in worse trouble here. Is it Michael, Sabrina and Krystin or Brooke? Realistically, Sabrina and Krystin aren’t in as much hot water as the other two but it’s not good for anyone here. Things just keep staying interesting for the Upstart girls. Someone’s got some ‘splain to do!

And this brings Lora’s run to an end. Sad! I had a wonderful time working on this with her and I know you guys enjoyed it. She really hammered in some wicked action, fun bonding times and crazy tense moments! Some fun highlights included Brina and Sun fighting, Upstart girls (sans Sun) really bonding for the first time, and the bombshell here at the end. I think she’s left her mark. XD Lora was really great to work with. She had the story written back in April and I made her wait four months to see it. D’oh! She was great especially with dumb questions I had like, ‘Sporty? What does that mean?’ And then she’d send me some images to give me an idea.  She was able to take away Sabrina’s strongest supporter and show that she’s not alone in the brutal world of pro wrestling and never leaving any shadow of a doubt that these are young women dealing with some hard problems. I hope to bring her back as a writer again for some more fun times with our favorite angels. I bet if you let her know what a great job she did, we might sucker her back! Thanks Lora!!

And if you missed out on Lora’s podcast over at TGTwebcomics where among the many topics fielded was her stint on Rival Angels you can still check it out here. Dig it.