Oooooh, everything was really going well until that ‘CREEEEEEAK,’ don’t’ you think? But first things first. Look at how supportive Brooke is!! She really loves Sabrina in that new top! And what a top it is! That was a genius idea c/o of the talented Lora Innes. In fact, if you check out the Voting Incentive, you’ll see what I had to work with. I, uh, don’t remember when she drew this but it must’ve been after April but before Heroes Con. I think. I dunno. Maybe Lora remembers. XD  Then there’s something a lot of you have been clamoring for and that is for Brooke to start taking her career seriously.  Here, we finally see that maybe, just maybe it’s a good idea.

Anyways, some real girl bonding over movies, fashion and booze. It’s been enough to get Sabrina’s mind off the horrible events earlier in the day with Sun. But that noise that Sabrina hears, it might be anything. A door in need of oil, or maybe some hired help. Or something (somebody) else?

I Write Things Sometimes
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Lora’s The Dreamer. In the same vein of Buffy and Angel, it has the same character devotion, fun and entertainment that made them so near and dear the world over. So I’m proud do have paid homage to The Dreamer by writing up MY top ten moments in Dreamer history. A lot of you read The Dreamer so you might agree or disagree. What’s *your* top ten? For those not familiar, it’s never too late to get into an enjoyable tale, right? Lucky for you, it’s available in print form and for free online. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

EDIT: Voting Incentive is actually updated now. 😛