Nothing like a little girl talk and Tom Cruise to get Sabrina’s mind off the day’s earlier events. And a few other things like some junk food and margaritas to help take some of that edge off. And its working! Sabrina was truly miserable last update so this is a bit of a turnaround, at least until she starts thinking about it again. Even though Sun’s not here, I did add a Lost-style Easter Egg for her. Can you find it? Actually, it’ll show up in print, but it’s too small on the interweb.  The Sun Easter Egg is that the girls are eating ‘Choco-Dip’ ice cream.  You may remember from the Sun origin chapter that it’s the place where she used to work.

I really love what Lora’s done here, showing the human side of the Upstart girls and its refreshing having girls act like girls. Plus, the end of this update sets up the next one so perfectly. Someone’s look might just get freshend up a bit. 😉

Funny tidbit: When I first read the bit about the song, ‘Take My Breath Away,’ I thought I never heard it before.  I couldn’t take it anymore and went to Youtube and recognized it after the first two seconds.  Duh.  I think Jessica Simpson covered it too. 😛