You could hear a pin drop.

Lora’s done a really awesome job with this chapter and now, Sun’s secret is out! That doesn’t stop her from tearing down the Upstarts (Brooke just about peed herself) and breaking down Sabrina, emotionally and physically. Everyone’s stunned to find out that Sun joined Damage Inc., but you guys remember, right? Sun got Sabrina to tag with her against the York Sisters under false pretenses and with them defeating the York Sisters, Sun was now secretly a member of Damage Inc. And now its out in the open. With this bombshell revelation, where do the Upstarts and especially Sabrina go from here?

FYI, panel 3 has Sun executing the Mafia Kick and it’s not the first time she’s ever used it.

This isn’t over by a longshot. Be sure to come back on Monday!

Rival Angels Graphic Novel
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