Yowch! Lora Innes’s story continues as tensions are steadily rising between Sabrina and Sun. Good thing we have Brooke. Sun continues her, shall we say, critical review of Sabrina’s work. Sun’s assessment isn’t without merit; we’ve seen Sabrina’s cockiness almost lose her matches and we’ve seen Sabrina fall into a win. At the heart of it, Sun seems to want Sabrina to take her career a little more seriously. While that’s a noble intent, Sun’s critique seems kind of sudden.

Since most people know that Sun and Sabrina are BFF’s, they’re starting to take notice of the aggressive sparring going on in the ring and a crowd is starting to form.

In case anyone is interested in the moves used this update, they are:

Panel 1: Sabrina attempts a backdrop
Panel 2: Sun counters it with a snapmare
Panel 3: Sabrina responds with a big chop!
Panel 4: Sun nails a mexican arm drag.
Panel 5: Sun irish whips Sabrina into the ropes.
Panel 6 Double clothesline!