Looks like Sabrina didn’t nail that Ultrasplash (from last page) after all!

Sun wasn’t kidding about learning from the master. She’s got a critique for Sabrina whether she wants to hear it or not, but the girls are keeping it friendly. Sabrina has the infamous short fuse but it’d take quite a bit for her to blow up on Sun. And really Sun means well. Right? After all they are smiling…at least in the beginning of the page.

A crowd seems to be forming as Sabrina and Sun pick up the pace. Even Brooke, Krystin and now Marina are drawn to the sparring session. Like Brooke and Krystin said, this might get really good or bad.

Check out the final piece of Jenn’s masterpiece, the Definition of Technician!

Since we don’t have commentators calling the match, panel 5 is a reverse neckbreaker. Check it out here: