Lora Innes’s story continues with Krystin and Brooke concluding their fine discussion. We get something that some of you have been asking for: A sparring session between BFF’s Sun and Sabrina. Even battling each other they can carry on a conversation and have a grand time. That is, until one of them gets Ultrasplashed! And in front of a crowd no less. We may need a spatula to get Sun off the mat. We can see some of Sun’s thinking on her roommates as well as her driving ambition.

Rival Angels Volume One
The graphic novel is still available at the pre-order price which is almost 20% off the cover price. Get it before the sale is ovah!

Wizard World Chicago 2009
A great time hanging out with Keith, Michelle and even Trevor hung out for a spell. My feet were killing me after the second day but it was worth it. I got to meet some very cool people, some delusions I had were tragically dispelled and hanging out with friends in person was criminally too short.

New Voting Incentive
We’re getting ready to close out the great Jenn sketches with a great one of Brooke! Vote to check her out.