Lora Innes, popular writer/artist of The Dreamer webcomic (graphic novel by IDW) takes the writing reigns this chapter. As you can see, we get a look at some of the behind the scenes of where the girls go to train as well as the small spectacle it can become when the press and fans are allowed to attend. More importantly, we see just where the mental focus is with Brooke and Krystin on this ‘early’ Saturday morning session.

Little cameos by champ Brenda Rua, Professor Shannon McCourt, Rampage, Victoria, Sara Valentine and even the Black Widow!

Wizard World Chicago
I’m back from Wizard World and it was my best showing ever. I’ll have a con report tomorrow, and it was loads of fun. I’ll even have pictures!

Pre-Ordering is over!
But in honor of Lora’s chapter, I’ve decided to extend the special pre-order price a few days more. If you haven’t ordered your copy of Rival Angels Graphic Novel Volume One, now’s your chance to get it at a reduced rate.

2009 Drunkduck Awards
The third annual Drunkduck Awards have made their collective voice heard and nominated Rival Angels for three awards:

Best Action Scenes
Best Protagonist-Sabrina
Best Antagonist-Brooke

Official Ceremonies kick off September 1. Rival Angels just might bring it home!