SWERVE!  I really didn’t think so many would’ve thought that Sun went over to the dark side over Sabrina’s body.  I really thought I was being way too obvious with last page, last panel, and the arms paralleling Chloe’s glove/sleeves.  So, now that you know that Sun hasn’t betrayed her BFF, what do you think now?

Double cross on the double cross!! Sun didn’t nail her best friend with the chair and in fact, thought she had a deal with De Sade to sacrifice the already beaten Yorks to Hell’s Belles for Franchesca’s ‘snubbing’ of the Belle’s invitation to join.

Sun, silly girl, thought that De Sade would keep her word, but not completely. Why else would Sun have her own brand of retaliation ready to go? Sun said that she never wanted to be a circus freak and blow fire, but…well, we’ll see what happens next update with that. 😉 De Sade does look awfully worried, doesn’t she?

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