Sun still can’t get close enough to Sabrina to make the tag. The Yorks keep heading Sun off at the pass. They’re too fast! Maybe too good? The Yorks ARE an experienced tag team so you can’t take anything away from them. Sun and Sabrina have lasted longer (much longer) than when Brooke and Krystin were a tag team but the end result might be the same. They need to do something fast.

The other side of the coin are the York sisters. They’ve been in control for a while. They almost scored the pin on an unsuspecting Sun and are going to keep grinding the littlest Upstart into the mat. Can sun recover?

Voting Incentive!
$y2jenn is doing $3 bust commissions and I had her do a bunch for me. Check out today’s new voting incentive of Kat Smith of the Hell’s Belles!! If you’re interested in Jenn doing some work for you, head on over here.

Rival Angel Graphic Novel update
I should be getting the proof for the book sometime today and if it checks out, I will have the pre-order information up on Wednesday. (Yay!)