This match MIGHT be over! As with some of the other matches we’ve seen lately, they ended kind of unexpectedly. Could it happen here? Well, Sabrina *could* try and interrupt the count. Or maybe Sun kicks out?

We see the Yorks sisters working together and really working Sun over. A good mix of clubbing blows and technical holds. It’s no wonder that Damage Inc were sore when the Yorks left their group. And the rate at this match is going, Damage Inc won’t get their revenge and Sun won’t get into their group!

Sabrina clearly is upset with the ref.  Mainly because of the excess double teaming but they also have some history together.  Remember this referee?

Roller Derby!
This weekend, the Mrs and I took in some roller derby! These girls are awesome and work their asses off. They have some great names like High D Voltage, Phoenix Envy and Carrie A. Hacksaw. The Brew City Bruisers didn’t do too well, but better luck next time. We’ll definitely be back. Where’s RDF, so we can discuss this wonderful sport? 😉