Just like that, the tide changes. It’s true that Sun and Sabrina were showing some great, nifty moves in tandem, but now the York sisters have the upper hand. Odds are, that’s not great news for Sun. Then again, Sun and Sabrina might have a surprise or two for the twins. We’ll find out more come Monday!

News on the Graphic Novel
Pre-orders for the Rival Angels graphic novel should be starting any day now. I just have to make sure I have things ironed out with the printer. You’re best value will be ordering from me, but you will have the opportunity to order it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. More on that soon!

Injury update
Remember when that car hit me? And it tore up my leg and sent flying ass over tea cup? Well it seems that I’m so much on the mend that I might take in a little golf this weekend and maybe, just maybe….ride a (different, obviously) bike.

Quick Harry Potter review
If you liked the book, you’ll probably like the movie as they stuck pretty much to the spirit of the book. All in all, an entertaining flick.