Not a bad start for the team of Sabrina and Sun. Starting with some good spirited fun at the expense of Josephine and Franchesca York’s patience, the Upstart girls have the advantage. Can Sun and Sabrina hold it? Or will the York’s take control? If nothing else, the crowd is getting quite a show.

It’s true that Sabrina went to Penn State on a Rugby scholarship and for those that are interested, she played the halfback position.

I can’t believe that I forgot to post a Youtube link for Sun and Sabrina’s entrance music! Very SFW.

My friend, Lora Innes’s The Dreamer Graphic Novel drops today. You’ll definitely want to pick it up. Not only is it an amazing read with fantastic art (and cute girls) but Lora wrote an upcoming chapter of Rival Angels! So, if nothing else, you’ll want to see what you’re in store for. 😉  Pick it up at any bookstore, comic store, or online book store.

Sabrina may be busy in her tag match against the Yorks but she’s also pulling ref duty over at Crossoverlord! She’s representing. 😀

Come back Friday to see some great tag team action as both teams turn it up a notch.