If you’re a fan of Sun or Sabrina, you’ll like this page. Lots of love from the fans, even if it’s under duress. The return of the NINJA’D Mist!

If you don’t know what Sabrina is talking about when she calls Franchesca and Josephine York, ‘Crimson Twins,’ it’s a GI Joe reference. 😉

We all know that Sun is keeping a secret from Sabrina and we already have the first signs of it coming out in panel 5. It’s just a matter of whether the Yorks continue to banter with the Upstart girls or not.

I began writing Rival Angels in the Summer of 2007 and I can tell you that I’ve been looking forward to this teaming of Sabrina and Sun since then. Rival Angels has many themes and friendship is a strong one.

Work on the graphic novel is almost done. Not a moment too soon, if I want to have it for Wizard World Chicago. That bike incident threw a wrench in the works, but its looking like I’ll make the deadline. I’ll be posting some pre-order information soon and all of the goodies that it will entail.

New Voting Incentive!
I thought I’d give you a good look at the first couple of panels of this page. Enjoy! 🙂

Oh yeah!  In panel 2, we don’t know what Sun and Sabrina are saying to each other.  What do you think they’re saying? XD