Swerve! I like to think that Amanda Breaker turning on Monica was a surprise to everyone, especially Monica. Poor Monica!! Once again, she’s laid out at the hands of Brooke, though Amanda really did most of the work. Well, her and the ring bell. However, the bag over the head was all Brooke’s idea. And in the end, it seems like Brooke has herself a new friend. What do you think her roommates will make of this?

Next update: TV Tournament match between Victoria Buckingham and Hell’s Belles member, Katherine Smith!

Graphic Novel News!
The Rival Angels Graphic Novel is being prepped for the printer and I’ll be offering a pre-order offer. There will be incentives to pre-ordering but what you can count on is 129+ pages, full color for the pre-order price of $14+shipping. More to come soon.

Advertising in Rival Angels Graphic Novel!
The Rival Angels graphic novel will be available online at my site, at conventions I’m attending but also available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Half page: $65
Full page: $90

The advertising opportunity ends Friday, July 10th.

Email me for more information.