Wow, that ended pretty quickly, eh? And as of right now, we don’t know who actually won! But there is a winner. Take a guess? XD We’ll find out for sure on Friday.

I think everyone is pretty surprised that this one is over before it started. This is looking pretty bad for Brooke/Aphrodite considering she’s the last one in the Rookie House without a win. And judging from her last insult, she might have to polish up on that too.

Wizard World Chicago
Apparently, they’ll put anyone up on the Guest List at Wizard World Chicago. Check out a quick bio on me here.

67th Avenue Coloring Contest
Longtime reader Jamie is hosting a coloring contest! The theme is ‘Girls of Webcomics,’ and includes Brooke! Enter now!

Voting incentive!
This being the first of the month, voting is REALLY important since the playing field is pretty even and the opportunity to get pretty high on the board is there. It’s a great way for you to help out and get Rival Angels some exposure. Win/win I say. Oh yeah, and there may be a sneak peak there for Friday!