Poor Brooke! I guess that’s the problem with issuing open challenges, you never know who’ll come out and accept. The One-Woman-Samoan-SWAT-team, Amanda Breaker has answered the challenge. What can Brooke do?

Trevor, the fan of Brooke’s that is taking the brunt of her verbal assault is a buddy of mine. He’s always liked Brooke, especially after finding out she was Australian. Pfft, who doesn’t like Sheila’s from down under?
Trevor and Brooke in happier times.

Kind of seems like Brooke’s borrowing a page or two from Sabrina’s playbook, if you remember what Sabrina was doing during the Hell’s Belles skit. Or maybe not. Be sure to swing back on Monday to see how this plays out AND a surprise! it’s a good one too. 😉

Vote to check out an awesome sketch done of Aphrodite by SuperMichaelMan.  He’s still taking commissions (only $10 for a pencil sketch!) so take advantage man.  Take advantage.

EDIT:  I got roughed up today in the form of a head on collision about 1000 feet from my house.  Me on my bike and a lady in her car.  Clearly, I lost that one but I’m doing alright.  Actually, I’m kind of tired.  I was making a right turn and she was making a left turn into my lane.  I crashed hard, leg first, and cleared the top of her car and landed on my wrist, elbows and my back in the middle of the street.  Thankfully, no other traffic and my backpack was filled with my work clothes and lunch. No crutches, slings or splints but I’m going to have to hold off on that aerobics convention.  For now, ice, rest and elevation are what the doctor’s ordered.