Messy! Sara is determined to entertain her fans no matter what Krystin had to say last time. Krystin is going to come out and make her point to Sara, but this time with the okay of Michael, the GM. Back on Page 188, we found out that someone is putting Krystin on this path and why, but not who. Michael’s a good guess, considering he’s making the announcement, right?

Loretta’s not keen on not wrestling tonight as she’s making her case to the referee, but he’s really got no say in the matter. Sara’s clearly nervous, partly because she trained in anticipation of fighting Loretta, not Krystin. Who are you rooting for? Over at the Rival Angels forums, there is a Krystin fan club and a Sara Valentine one (in addition to many others) so both girls are popular.

CAMEO! I’ve had a few cameos in Rival Angels lately, but one of the Rival Angels girls has a small but important role here!

Big thanks to Justin for helping me out on this page and match.

Next update has the start of this match!

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