Whoops! Sabrina sort of painted herself into a corner. Gabrielle told her she could only fight twice in one night if it were a pay per view event and she was out of the TV tournament. If Gabrielle lets this stand and Sabrina moves on to the finals of the TV Tournament, she would have Chloe De Sade and the Championship finals match in one night! That’s a lot of ‘if’s’ in there, so for now, we know that Sabrina Mancini vs Chloe De Sade is ON for the ‘Heaven and Hell’ Pay Per View!

Sun did try to warn Sabrina before the fact, but you have to think that a challenge in front of a national audience was going to get an immediate response from Sabrina. In that way, Chloe got one up on Sabrina, and getting her back for the mockery. The chess match between these two intense ladies has only begun! One good thing to come out of this is the solidarity between the Upstart girls, something we haven’t really seen, which means it probably won’t last, but refreshing while it lasts.

Next update, Schoolgirl Sara Valentine Vs. Loretta Diaz! And maybe a surprise. 😉

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