Welcome to Monday Night Meltdown! Things are starting off right with a bit of a practical joke. Sabrina wasn’t too keen on how things ended with her match against Jen Needles, i.e. the beatdown she got from the Belles. Instead of jumping them from behind, she thought maybe a more humorous tactic would be better. The ‘cat and mouse’ between Chloe and Sabrina is officially on!

We also get an idea of what matches you can expect, including the TV tournament semi-final match between Kat and Victoria. Plus, you can expect a few surprises before this chapter is out.

In case it’s not obvious, those are balloons that Sun has and that is a mustache that Krystin is sporting. Amazing how far you can take a joke, eh?

I don’t have a new voting incentive for you guys, but please don’t let that stop you from voting. 😀