The tag match is a go! Sun and Sabrina vs the York Sisters a the next Monday Night Meltdown, which happens to be this monday! Pretty cool, eh? Lots of cool matches to look forward to. We know a certain heel stable likes to hijack the opening of the show, could be that they’ll do it again! Maybe! 😛

Looks like Sun’s not spilling the beans any time soon to Sabrina about this being her initiation into Damage Inc. It looks like the guilt of it is weighing on her and there’s always the possibility that it comes up between now and then. Both of them are excited about fighting in as a tag team but as close as they are, can they be more fluid as a team than twin sisters?

A ridiculously on the nose cameo in the last panel is of my friend Michelle Timian’s The Elevator. A beautifully written novel, you can check out some of the goodness here

EDIT: NEW VOTING INCENTIVE!  Now that the girls are a team, check out their promo picture. They got their bully faces on!