Happy Memorial Day! I’m not a preachy dude, but this is a good holiday based on honoring and remembering the people that keep America safe and sound.

We’re starting out Chapter 11 with the ‘Definition of Technician,’ Krystin and her mysterious caller. It’s obviously not Krystin’s normal mysterious caller and there’s a good bet that whoever is on the phone with her, is the same silhouette in the last panel. Who could it be? And how do they know who’s pulling Krystin’s strings? The thought of it seems to have Krystin shaken. She just woke up and doesn’t know who she’s talking to.

Next update, we’ll get some answers. Who this mysterious caller is, AND, the question that Sun has for Sabrina, that we were eluded to at the end of Chapter 10. There’s been a lot of speculation on just what Sun has to ask Sabrina and I can tell you that no one really has guessed what it is yet. 😉

New Voting Incentive!  Check out a few sketches of upcoming appearances. 😉