We’re moving a bit quicker now. Getting into the good stuff like seeing some of that Sun ‘tude we’ve come to know and love peeking out. Plus, the very first time she does the ‘Atomic Fission‘ aka the Shooting Star Elbow Drop. THE signature move of Cannonball Kyle Pallas. Oh yeah, I guess Sun still have some of that schoolgirl crush in her for her teacher. 😉

Monday will be a fun update. We’ll get to see just what goes into making a good ring persona. Expect more panels than normal and more laughs.

Last night I was a guest on TGT Webcomics. We talked about webcomics, what goes into making them and what some of my favorites are. We also talked a little wrestling and what some of the inspirations were for some of the Angels. You can get it at iTunes or by going here