Lots of drama there at home between Sun and her Mom. As we saw from the beginning, not exactly the Gilmore Girls. Mom’s not too keen on her daughter becoming a wrestler. As we found out previously, we have her Dad to thank for Sun’s introduction to pro wrestling.

Graduation day sees Sun finish high school, have a knockdown drag out blowup with her Mom and then, leaving in the dead of night. Crashed out on the stoop in the dirty city when its raining isn’t the most ideal ways to make your start, but there she is. Sun’s still got a long way to go though before she’s ‘Lil Dragon.’

A few parallels here between Sun and Sabrina’s stories, if you remember way back on page 6. It might have something to do with why they get along so well.

This Thursday night, I’ll be a guest at TGT Webcomics at 9pm EDT. Kurt and Phil do a great job week after week and this is something that you an easily follow with the magic of RSS and itunes. If you’re around, be sure to check it out live, or download it later.  You can join the chat or call in!

Back in August I took advantage of DJ Coffman’s ‘WillDrawAnything,’ and had him do me up a image of Sabrina! You can check it out by hitting the extremely easy VOTING button.

This weekend, the Mrs and I headed out to Berwyn, IL for a two day show of the best wrestling in the world, SHIMMER! It was like 10-12 hours of awesomeness spread out over a few days. I took a LOT of pictures, and have just a few below. Dig it!
Cheerleader Melissa and Albone
Amazing Kong and Albone