Big thanks to D-Rod over at Shadowgirls comic for the nice plug and welcome to everyone visiting from there!  For those of you that don’t know, Shadowgirls is a comic about a mother and daughter and their battle against some seriously evil power.  Season 1 is just wrapping up so now is a great time to check it out.  I got to met D-rod and Dave last year at Wizard World and in addition to a great comic, some very cool guys. 

When I put the images up in Sabrina’s locker, I thought they’d show up a little better, but alas, they’re impossible to see! A quick rundown of who inhabits Sabrina’s locker:
Pictures of Sun and Sabrina
Karl Urban as the new Bones in Star Trek
The Dreamer’s Alan Warren

I have to admit there are times when writing Sun is a guilty pleasure, like in panel 1. XD But we also see Sun….lying? Bending the truth? Feeling like a bit of a gray area.

And that leads us to the big question of Sun’s! What is it? What could it be? Are we going to find out Monday? Nope. On Monday, we take a special look at one of the most important characters in Rival Angels. Written by Justin Riley (who is constantly helping me write and edit on a weekly basis), Monday begins Chapter 10, the Origin of ‘Lil Dragon’ Sun Wong!

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