By the skin of her teeth, Sabrina escapes any further injury from Hell’s Belles. They had her down but she did just enough, namely psych out De Sade with the threat of an Ultrakick to make her escape. Sabrina’s up for a challenge, but three (with weapons) to one are not good odds. The Belles are hot at the loss of the tournament match and the opportunity loss of laying a beating on someone post-match. Sabrina was even able to throw a verbal barb De Sade’s way. Probably doesn’t equal all of the double team cheating and after match beatdown, but it’s enough for Sabrina. And, this is probably not the last time Sabrina runs across the Hell’s Belles.

As we can see from the last panel though, Sabrina’s not out of the fire yet. Any ideas on who the mystery person calling out Sabrina is? A new challenger maybe?