Both ladies are near exhaustion and the intense look by both opponents says that they’re looking for the kill. Sabrina was able to kick out of two pin attempts this update. I don’t know that she can kick out of any more. The thing that Sabrina has going for her is that Kat seems to be still down, so if she’s going to make her move she needs to do it now.

Jen with some more mental distraction earlier in the update, with bringing up Sabrina’s brief thing with referee Vincent. We know that they didn’t go too far in their relationship but it seems like Sabrina is never going to live that down.

Say, remember that sweet little contest we have going? The one where you had to guess correctly, the winners of the the last three matches of the first round of the TV tournament?
Well, here’s who’s still in the running:

Greg Gregeer
Jadine Rhine
Eric Queen
Diedre Oconnor
Lou Mougin
Chris Jarvis (Zerry)

You all got the first two matches right, Victoria and Xtina winning. Did you pick the last match correctly? We just might find out sooner than later. 😉