Sabrina not only kicked out, but she got herself the upper hand. She even got a pin attempt in to a vulgar and distracted Jen Needles. Despite the toll the match has taken on both girls, they still find the resolve to trade banter. Sabrina’s up, but can she parlay that into victory?

Oh yeah, PAGE 200! It’s been challenging and fun and it’s been a pleasure to have you all as readers. It seems not that long ago that we hit 100 pages. Thanks for reading my fun little story! With 200 pages in the can, tell me what you think. What do you like, who do you like? And what do you think is coming down the road? 😀

Whoooo, lots of fun things coming over the horizon. The chase for the Television Title is going strong. Remember that contest we had to see who would win this round of matches? I’ll be posting the winners of that soon. I have some criminally awesome writers lined up. Lora Innes and Justin Riley will be dropping some scribery on our favorite angels in the near future. And, the Rival Angels trade paperback will be coming out this summer! 132 pages of readery goodness, all for your hot little hands.

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