Where DID Sabrina pick up that move anyways? It’s awfully Ninja-ee for our little Ultragirl to swing someone’s head into the stairs and then barricade, so clearly she picked that up from someone else. 😛

Many of you predicted that Sabrina would hit the Shooting Star Press and surprise! You were right. As excited as you must be feeling for being right, it might not equal the glee that Sun is feeling from her buddy paying her some homage on national television.

Now that Sabrina is back to fighting one on one, as opposed to two on one, she’s starting to shine. The cynic in me says that its only a matter of time before its back to two on one, but you never can tell.

Wrestlemania 25 is this weekend! Anyone else getting it on PPV this weekend?  I’m calling the Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker match steals the show.

New voting incentive this week! Panel 5 was awfully cramped, so I thought I’d blow it up and show you a better view. Vote to check out Sun in her celebratory glory.