You may remember that last update Sabrina was in rough shape with Jennifer looking to put Ultragirl away. Instinctively, Sabrina was able to stop herself from getting KO’d by Jennifer’s finishing move and on top of that, regain the advantage.

I know for a fact that a lot of you have been waiting for Sabrina to turn it around, and hopefully she didn’t disappoint. The crowd’s back in it and Sabrina is pressing her advantage. On top of that, Sabrina didn’t pause to cheer, pout or showboat. Sabrina MUST be ill! Or maybe, she’s learning? Slowly, painfully, but yeah, maybe starting to put it together.

Judging from that last panel, the question has gotta be, who is this move going to be worse for more: Sabrina or the Hell’s Belles?

And in case you missed it, New Voting Incentive!  One half of the Catgirls, Snow kitten!