Real quick: the hold in the first panel is called the ‘straight jacket.’ We saw that Sabrina was able to kick out of the pin attempt from last update, but now she’s in a world of hurt. More on that in a second. Sabrina’s left elbow is still a problem. It was healing, but when its forced to go through similar punishment, its not going to hold up. Jennifer also adds some insult to injury by scratching up Sabrina’s forehead and some taunting. If it weren’t for the quick knee to the head, this update would be all Jennifer. As it is, Jennifer has Sabrina set up for her finishing move, the ‘Nose Job.’ Check out the Youtube clip to see what I’m talking about.

It is possible, though rare that an opponent can kick out of a pin attempt once they’ve been hit with a finishing/signature move. The idea is that the attacker knows how to deliver this move with such accuracy that it stuns their opponent long enough to get the pinning three count.

Sabrina’s been fighting two opponents all match, and she’s got a bad elbow. Can Sabrina kick out if she gets hit with Jennifer’s signature move?

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EDIT 2: One of our darling angels makes a cameo over at Sailor, courtesy of CD Rudd who I hung out with at Webcomics Weekend.