A Brooke sighting!! Her M.O. remains the same as ever, with her interests in the forefront and Sabrina’s discomfort being a close second.

And discomfort is putting it lightly! If Jennifer isn’t bending the rules, we have Kat out and out breaking them. That haymaker that Kat leveled on to Sabrina was definitely a knockout shot and with Jen pressing the advantage, its anyone’s guess if Sabrina can answer the count. Should Sabrina get pinned here, it would be disappointing but you can’t blame her. Sabrina’s plan, as it were, worked to an extent that Chloe isn’t at ringside but the combination of Kat and Jen is formidable.

Some big editing help here from Justin on this page. I won’t say for certain where he helped but a good guess would be a certain mean-spirited red head. XD

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