I’m back from the wild and wooly Webcomics Weekend. I’ll have details and pictures tomorrow, but all in all a fun time.

Last we left off, Sabrina was in a bit of trouble and when she got her first break, she took a breather on the outside with a side of taunting for her opponent, Jennifer Needles. As we can see, the redhead couldn’t help herself and went after Sabrina and the rest you can see for yourself. Sabrina’s taunt worked!! Which is something because usually her celebrating and taunting gets her in trouble. She was even able to alter her course in mid-move, a quality that other high-flyers like Jeff Hardy and RVD have been able to do.

Now Jennifer is the one celebrating/taunting, and its getting her into trouble. Finally, Sabrina has the upper hand and it should be fun to see what she does next.