Lots going on this page. We have the different reactions to Sabrina’s interview as its happening. And then Sabrina’s interview/promo itself. She’s not showing any apprehension from going out there with no backup, cracking some jokes and having a good time.

She’s still outnumbered by the Belle’s with Chloe waiting behind the jumbotron and Kat at ringside. The only real thing going for Sabrina is that the Belles don’t know that Sabrina asked her friends not to come down, so they’re attention is on something other than interfering in the match. And there’s always a chance that some of her Upstart mates might disregard their promise to Sabrina.

In case anyone forgot, Gabrielle’s comment is in response to Jen Needles’s comment from the last page. As we know, Gabrielle is all about the ratings and merchandise sales.

Jennifer Needles vs Ultragirl Sabrina Manici starts next update!