And now for the main event! Jennifer Needles vs Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini. While we know that Chloe isn’t at home, like the Belles would have us believe, two Belles at ringside is still double what Sabrina is bringing with her. Remember that she asked her Upstart mates NOT to come down? With the arsenal that Chloe has laid out, its going to be bad news for anyone that she comes across.

Kat and Jen are in good form, laying out the particulars for why they’re going to win, intimidating the interviewer and getting booed from the crowd. The usual start for them. 😛 They don’t put much stock in the abilities of Sabrina, calling out Commissioner Gabrielle’s decision to push Sabrina as a marketing gimmick. They’re not wrong about Gabrielle’s intentions, but Sabrina might have something to say about her abilities. We’ll find out about her mic skills come Monday!

No lie, did you know exactly 100 pages ago we had not only Hell’s Belles but interviewer Nick Lowry too? Coincidence or phenomenon? XD

MGC, not a closet fan of Hell’s Belles made this great YouTube vid of their jumbotron: