Just as things were clearing up, they get all murky again. We get another piece of Krystin’s past. She decided that being a good hall monitor wasn’t worth the grief and she never thought she’d be in that position ever again.

There’s that mysterious caller again. We’ve seen Krystin on the phone before, notably pages 151 and 129. Same person, but who? Is it someone we’ve recently seen? Maybe haven’t seen in a while? They certainly don’t like the antics of Ms. Valentine or other like minded individuals. So who else is on this list of ‘cleaning up?’

Whoever Krystin is working for has the stroke to get Krystin fired. Poor Krystin, yet another Upstart girl in terror of losing her job and willing to put the boots to Sara Valentine for it.

Seems like a lot of readers are fans of Sara Valentine, so we’ll see what we can do about keeping her around. XD I’d like to give a big thanks to Justin Riley. He’s on the Rival Angels booking committee and really helped out in crafting this particular storyline. I had a bunch of ideas for Krystin but I wasn’t feeling any of them, they just weren’t good enough. He said, ‘how about this?’ and away we went. Expect more from Mr. Riley in the future. 😉