Krystin is driving the point home, to one Ms. Sara Valentine. An apology is necessary to the ring, evidently. And while the ring got its apology, Krystin doesn’t seem happy enough with it. Sara needs some props for standing her ground, though she didn’t really endear herself with pointing out Krystin’s, er, faults. In the end, I’m sure it’ll all get sorted out. Or maybe not? Krystin has seemingly snapped to the point where the crowd is booing and the commentators, Jeff and Dawn are calling for security! And for those wondering, that particular hold that Krystin is utilizing is the Texas Cloverleaf.
Check it out here on YouTube:

And we get some more Krystin backstory! She’s getting congratulated on doing a good job as a hall monitor (or prefect, if you will). So why doesn’t she look so happy?