Victoria’s got some fight in her still! Last episode the British Bombshell was in trouble but she’s making a better showing of it this time around. Anyone changing their pick to win this match? 😉

Ah, so that’s where Sun went off to after she stormed out on Sabrina. If its not clear, this is a simple ‘common’ room for Rival Angels staff to check out what’s going. Refs, ring techs, wrestlers, etc.

Kyra Gold is the last member of Damage Inc to be formally announced though we haven’t met the boss, Yvonne Carmichael just yet. Soon though. And here, coincidentally, comes Kyra and talking up the group that we know Sun has been itching to be a part of for a while now. Coincidence or maybe word (cough,Brooke,cough) spread through the backstage area of what’s going on with the Upstarts and specifically Sun and Sabrina? In any case, this conversation between Sun and Kyra is long from over. More match and more Sun next update!

And in case you didn’t notice the new Voting Incentive button, there is a new voting incentive to be seen.  It’s late for the occasion, but I hope you’ll dig it anyways, a sketch of Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine.