Wha-ho!  That sneaky little Angel Soprano pulled it off!  Granted, she chilled outside of the ring ala Mr. Perfect so she TECHNICALLY didn’t cheat, but it really wasn’t very sporting of her.  Don’t like it?  Too bad!!  She gets into the Television tournament, but which bracket she’ll pick is anybody’s guess.  Or is it?  After all, she can go and claim a spot in the Hell’s Belles too and I’m sure Chloe will have her own ‘recommendations’ for what bracket Angel should pick to enter the TV tournament.

Ah, poor Fran.  I know she was a favorite of many of you and she would’ve had it but for that sneaky Soprano girl.  You can tell by the fan reaction that Angel isn’t their favorite pick to win this.  The battle royal moved kind of quick but we know now who’s going to be in the next bracket of the TV tournament and the girls that are IN the TV tournament can’t say that.  Yet. 

So did your pick to win the Battle Royal come through? XD

Next on Monday’s update: The return of the Upstart girls!!  You remember them, the stars of the show? XD  Well the Upstart girls and…an unexpected guest.

Anyone check out the Mickey Rourke movie, The Wrestler?  If you have, check out my review of it over here and feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the film and the rumor that Rourke will be appearing at Wrestlemania this year.

Have a great weekend, we’ll see you back here on Monday. 😀