Wow, that didn’t take long for it to degenerate into the proverbial, ‘Pier Six Brawl.’  And the real losers right now are Luna and Amanda Breaker.  Their size makes them a target in the eyes of the smaller wrestlers, well, smaller than them anyways.  Panel 1 is a fairly good microcosm of the attitudes and traits of all 10 ladies in the ring.  Take that for what its worth. 😉

Is the Battle Royal shaping up like *you* thought?  We’ve barely started so there’s still a lot that can happen.  While some of these girls are working together now, there can be only one winner.

And for anyone that might need a bit more clarification on how a battle royal works, I give you, straight from wikipedia , the definition of a battle royal:
In professional wrestling, a battle royal (sometimes battle royale; plural battles royal or battle royals is a multi-competitor match type in which wrestlers are eliminated until one is left and declared winner. Typical battle royals begin with 10,15, 20 participants in the ring, who are then eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and having both feet touch the venue floor.

Contest Update!
Wow!  Lots of entries for this one, I have to admit it made me smile.  :D  And you still have time to enter, you have until Tuesday night, 11:55pm!  Win yourself one of the few remaining print copies of Rival Angels #1 and a sketch of your favorite angel from me.   One teeny tiny little observation, only a few entrants so far got the right winners of the upcoming TV tournament brackets, but fewer still have answered the winner of the Bonus Life Battle Royal.  Intrigued?  I knew you would.  XD