That’s a collection of some serious dames in the ring. 10 women, only 1 winner. Any ideas or thoughts on who’s going to win this one? Amanda Breaker certainly has a height and weight advantage. Zombie Luna and Lover Lola are tag team partners. Lil Alexandria is crazy and nobody(!) likes Rampage. The only true ‘face’ or good guys in this are Shannon McCourt and Veronica Silver. The rest aren’t afraid to bend or outright break the rules. 

So who’s going to win?



Rival Angels Comic book, issue #1Round One of the TV Tournament is in full effect. We know that Katherine Smith (of Hell’s Belles) has moved on to round two by beating Monica Rumble, but there’s still three matches and the Battle Royal. So what does this have to do with the contest? Everything!

Think you can guess the winners of Round One, including the Bonus Life Battle Royal? Three readers who get it right will win a copy of Rival Angels #1 AND a sketch of your favorite Angel!

Just answer who’ll win between:

-‘Bombshell’ Victoria Buckingham vs Josephine York.

-‘Sassy Schoolgirl’ Sara Valentine vs Xtina Carpenter.

-Jennifer Needles vs Sabrina ‘Ultragirl’ Mancini.

-And answer who you think the winner of the Bonus Life Battle Royal will be:

Nikki Foxx
Professor Shannon McCourt
Angel Soprano
Amanda Breaker
Zombie Luna
Franchesca York
Lover Lola
Lil Alexandria
Veronica ‘Sterling’ Silver

Send your entry (1 per person) to:

Contest ends Tuesday, January 27th at 11:55pm ET. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of Round 1.

The Bonus Life Battle Royal Bracket