So now we know who’s officially on the card. Sara Valentine vs Xtina Carpenter, Victoria Buckingham vs Josephine York and Jennifer Needles (Hell’s Belles) vs Sabrina! Now just because certain wrestlers aren’t officially on the card, doesn’t mean that their presence won’t be felt. You know what I mean? 😉

The sign idea in the last panel was suggested by longtime reader, Salazen! XD  Thanks man!  Look for more reader suggested signs to appear in the backgrounds. 😀

And thanks to Jamie for the super sweet VOTING Incentive!  Check out his picture of the high society, York Sisters!  Be sure to let him know how cool it is. 😀

EDIT: Jamie gave me a good idea with seeing how the brackets unfold.  Maybe we should do a contest, March Madness style where you guys guess who’s going on to win the TV Championship.  Maybe a Rival Angels book as the prize?  What do you guys think of that?  And more importantly, what’s the best way to have you submit your guesses?  Email?  the Forum?

New contest announcement!