The return of The Hell’s Belles! Seems like the Hell’s Belles are looking for another member to add to their squad. But any group worth joining has its challenges, and this one is certainly a doozy. However, it would seem that Chloe is interviewing several people for the position, all of whom are going to be in the ‘Bonus Life’ Battle Royal. It would seem that Chloe is a tad disingenuous with her offer, as she’s basically saying the same thing to everyone that she’s interviewing. Chloe’s good at the hard sell.

It will certainly be interesting to see how each one responds to the offer in front of them. Angel’s fairly new, though more seasoned the rookie Upstart girls. Breaker’s been there for a while and seems to enjoy the accommodations of the Belles. Franchesca’s another veteran who sees a lot of tag team action with her sister, Josephine York. Of course, even if they accept, they still have the small task of winning the Bonus Life Battle Royal!

New Voting Incentive, check out one of the other Bonus Life Battle Royal participants, Nikki Foxx!