There’s been some wondering going on with what Brooke’s been up to since she stormed out of the Rookie House. Seems like she’s been busy! Lots going on with this page, most importantly, it seems that Brooke won’t be spending all of her nights at the Rookie House, though she *is* required by her contract to be staying there. I think its fair to say that we’ll be seeing her at both places. And Brooke seems like she’ll have trouble keeping this a secret, make you wonder what Sabrina, Sun and Krystin might think.

Brooke was ready quick to change the subject of Michael’s fianceé to something that she seems very adept at. Of course, you have to wonder just how soundly MIchael’s judgement is. While Gabrielle has bigger concerns than co-workers being intimate together, this situation would certainly be pushing it.

In the meantime, it seems like Brooke and Michael are going to check out the rest of the penthouse, starting with the bedroom. XD

By the way, I’ll be going to the Metallica concert tonight! They may have put out some crappy albums lately, but they’re always awesome live. This will be my fourth time seeing them and they always put on a good show. What Metallica song would YOU use for your wrestling entrance music, OR which song would you pick for one of the Rival Angel girls?