Man, that’s cold. Sabrina’s already lost her match with Mistress Dark and then she’s got to take a beating afterwards from a bad sport like Danielle Perfection. Seems Ms Perfection has taken umbrage with the fact that Sabrina beat her the day before back in the Developmental League and is looking for some payback. It would seem that the message was received, much to Sun’s ire in this telling of the story. It might be fun to see what Sabrina and/or Sun would do if they meet up with Danielle in the future.

For now, Sabrina’s got to relive that painful running powerslam onto the concrete and now we’re getting to the part, as Sabrina tells it, the best thing to ever happen to her happens. Kind of interesting to see what that might be considering she’s all broken and out of it. Stay tuned….!

In other news, I was interviewed by The Webcomic Overlook. El Santo and I sat down and we discussed wrestling, bad comics and who’s *my* most intriguing Upstart girl. Check it out here