Kind of a weird time for Krystin’s phone to ring.  The last time we saw Krystin on the phone is was back on page 129. We’re going to have to wait to know the identity of whomever is on the other side for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to figure it out. XD

Now Brooke is the one storming out, and don’t think that she’s not mad at no one coming to stop her.  In fact, Krystin seems relieved.  But no worries, Brooke isn’t moving out any time soon.  She’s worked hard sacrificed a lot to be here, but it begs the question of where is she going to go?

And after a pretty crappy day, all Sabrina wants to do is sleep in but her BFF isn’t going to let that happen. Sun is bound and determined to get Sabrina and her spirits up and about today.  Should be interesting where this might take them, though Sun has her work cut out for her because the usually perky Sabrina isn’t leaving her funk without a fight! XD