Lot of different emotions on this page.  Anger, frustration, sadness…its not easy being a rookie wrestler.  Brooke finishes off her emo diatribe though for the most part, it didn’t really get over with the rest of her roommates.  Especially Sun!  She’s pretty angry right now and probably more so because Sabrina isn’t pounding Brooke’s head in.  Krystin’s trying to keep the peace and she’s been more friendly as of late.  One would say since the match with the Catgirls.  And then Sabrina doing the only thing she feels she can do.  You can’t blame her for not wanting to be around someone like Brooke.  However, as Krystin once said way back on Page 12 , there’s no moving out of the Rookie House until management says so.  Sabrina’s decision to leave might have some serious consequences on her and the rest of the rookies.

On an artistic note, them damn toes were hard to draw! XD