Ta-dow!  Sabrina’s finally caught up with Brooke and is ready to take out her furious rage on her upstart roommate.  You’ll remember that Sabrina has issues with anger which is why Marina’s advice from back on page 90 is popping into Sabrina’s mind.

Krystin and Sun seem genuinely concerned.  Its not every day that Sabrina rolls into the house and throws Brooke up against the wall hurling threats of bodily harm.  Of course, if they knew the REAL reason for Sabirna’s anger, they might be understanding.

This scene just screams ‘catfight ,’ doesn’t it?  Two blondes, blouses and skirts…its like right out of a soap opera scene!  With Sabrina’s fist cocked back like it is, I’m not sure how much clothes ripping, biting, or hairpulling we’d see, but I thought I would share this observation with you. XD

And in case you missed yesterday’s blog post , Rival Angels has a Myspace account , there’s a new Voting Incentive , SHIMMER has a free 17 minute download and I’m going to Blizzard Brawl this Friday.  Dig it.